Best Development Trends That React Native Development Services Should Look Out For in 2023

Trends change every few months in mobile application development. Developers always have to be aware of what is trending in both design and features. It is difficult to keep a tab on all the developing trends since a lot of them are just reactionary. It is even more difficult to keep a record of the development trends.

The trends that really define the way websites and apps work are the ones that happen in the backend. There are processes and programs that are done in different or more efficient ways. Developers have to quickly take a note of every advancement that happens in that regard.

Top Development Trends That React Native Development Services Should Try in 2023​

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Last year was pivotal for developers. Almost all the frameworks that operate with JavaScript saw a surge in usage. JavaScript was used by more than 65% of the developers worldwide in 2022. While other technologies continued their growth, it was JavaScript that saw the biggest spike in usage. 

The massive usage also resulted in a lot of innovation. Here are some of the best trends that we saw among developers in 2022. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages have quickly become very popular and there are chances that it’ll be the most popular trend in 2023. What impacts the most for AMP is Google’s ability to rank them higher than regular mobile web pages. Web pages designed with AMP load quicker than the others. 

AMPs are created using the standard development practices. Hence it is easy to optimize your current pages as AMPs. It takes less than a week of time for developers to create the AMP versions of their web pages. The concept of AMPs was launched by Google as a part of the AMP Open Source project. It is essentially an HTML framework that allows users to load mobile web pages faster.

Voice Commands

Accessibility is right at the core of any development project these days. Website owners want more and more people to be able to use their websites in all ways possible. Voice commands are gaining a lot of momentum. The ability for users to search or process a command using their voice is a great feature. 

The execution of voice commands involves a lot of AI. The program firstly identifies the vocal sounds and rectifies the background noise from the user input. The input is then converted into text and based on the database, outputs are aligned as responses. Developers are putting all their effort on optimizing the website’s ability to process voice commands.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are reliable, capable and installable versions of a regular web application. These are web pages that behave like native apps. The technology developers use to ensure this user experience is a combination of service workers, manifests and other web-based features.

PWAs allow users to use all the features they want from a certain platform without having to permanently install its app. Web pages are more discoverable than native apps. They offer app-like experiences on browsers. Some benefits for PWAs include:

  1. PWAs can have their own icon on the device’s home screen or taskbar
  2. PWAs can run when users sign in
  3. PWAs can be registered on application stores
  4. PWAs support push notifications
  5. PWAs can access the hardware of a device like native apps

Motion User Interface

Motion UI is a concept of using movements and animations within an existing interface to help and guide the user. The help can be in regards to guiding them to the next step, transition or action to a page or feature. 

Developers use the <marquee> tag to use the scrolling animation. This animation is controlled through the browser. There is no need for any third-party plugin or video player to enable this UI. Storytelling through motion is a very popular concept among users. 


Some frameworks, especially those working on JavaScript have emerged as alternatives to the ones that currently dominate the development. These frameworks are basically JavaScript libraries that optimize the capabilities of JavaScript through pre-written programs. 

Some of the best JavaScript frameworks allow developers to create scalable apps and websites. Some new frameworks have garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Gatsby.js, Vue.js, and Next.js are some very popular new JavaScript frameworks. 


The trends surely change every few weeks but there are a few trends that add a lot of conveniences and features to the projects. These trends stay longer and have a larger span. These were some of the most talked about trends in 2022 and look to continue their popularity in 2023 as well. Using these trends, developers can formulate the finest development practices.